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As a Stockholm City guide I like to give you the best

Let me help giving you the best experience

Welcome to Stockholm, I will do my best to give you a remarkable experience, no matter if you are a single person, a smaller or larger group.

I am an authorized Stockholm guide and guide in and around Stockholm and can create a tailor made experience for visitors. If you already have an idea and plan what you want to do I may enhance the visit by giving that extra you didn’t even know of. As authorized guide I have permission to guide more or less everywhere including the Old Town, the City Hall, the Vasaship museum, The Royal Palace, the out-door museum Skansen, the city of Sigtuna, boat tours in the archipelago and many more special places in and around Stockholm.

Depending who you are and what you want to do I can arrange activities and programs including various museums, guided walks in the city or in the Stockholm area or accompanying in various outdoor activities. Do you have some idea of what you like to do but want more proposals or maybe you have a plan already what you like to do and see in Stockholm, a special interest perhaps? Perfect, then I can propose a program with you, make sure it fits and come with additional tips. My goal is to give you the best experience, no matter if you are first time or returning visitor.

On the city

If you like some ideas of sights, museums and other activities you can visit my image gallery.
For a first time visitor I recommend a walk in the Old Town, a visit to the City Hall, the Vasaship museum and maybe the outdoor museum Skansen. For a returning visitor Drottningholm’s Palace, the Viking merchant island of Birka or a boat tour in the archipelago and a walking tour of Södermalm, the southern island of the city. As a very active person I also accompany visitors in various outdoor activities like Kayak-, long-distance ice-skating, sailing, hiking, or diving.

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What I charge:

Depending what you want me to assist with it differs. For a guided city tour I charge based on hours and exclusive transport, entry fees and similar. For a planned program it depends on the content, length of stay etc.

As a member of the association of registered guides of Stockholm I follow the association’s recommended fees meaning at least three hours and depending of weekday, time, if you are a private customer or a registered company and where the company is registered, the price varies as there is a tax difference for these categories in Sweden. And yes, I pay my taxes and in that way contribute to the environment, social security, democracy and so on and hope you do the same wherever you live