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Guide Gunilla

Guide Gunilla

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A Stockholm City guide with a background in marketing and a large variety of interests

My Story

I am an authorized Stockholm guide and guide various tours in and around Stockholm, from a few hours to several days. My interest in history and culture especially when it comes to the city of Stockholm, nature and activities you can do in and around the city enable me to create a tailor made experience for the visitor. If you already have an idea and plan what you want to do I will enhance the visit by giving that extra you didn’t know you wanted. As authorized guide by the city of Stockholm I have permission to guide more or less everywhere including the City Hall, the Vasa-ship museum, The Royal Palace, the out-door museum Skansen, the city of Sigtuna, boat tours in the archipelago and many more special places in and around Stockholm.
Born in Sweden however of foreign parents my family have always had visiting guests and in my previous work as marketer I always had visiting business partners that I enjoyed to also show the city of Stockholm. And this is also where my knowledge of languages comes from, Swedish as it is here I live, German from my father, Danish from my mother, English and French from school however I have to confess, I don’t and is probably not good enough guiding in French.

So what do I do in my spare time, my other interests? Well, I volunteer as legal guardian for people in need and is also board member of some non-profit organizations. The rest of my time I like to spend outdoors preferably with kayaking, diving, hiking, skiing and to learn more in subjects like art, architecture and history. I’m also active in the area of maritime archaeology where I also sometimes have the opportunity to combine my fascination of old wooden wrecks with diving. I use to say I don’t know everything about something but something about mostly everything, I’m not expert in one activity but good enough in many.

But to be honest, I started with another career, as marketing professional within the medical device area. But after some 30+ years I wanted to pursue my other interest and started to combine being a marketer with being a city guide and today I do a bit of both. And I found out that 1+1 is not 2 but at least 3 when it comes to the joy, energy and fun in doing both. If you want to find out what I’ve done as a marketer look at my LinkedIn profile below.

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This homepage and why a mushroom everywhere?

I like to try out things myself and wanted to see if I also could create an homepage and the result you see yourself. I also didn’t want to give the impression of a ’huge’ enterprise but of me as person and what I can do, enjoy and offer. The images are also mostly mine, or shot with my camera by someone I know. The more professional looking images usually comes from friends that have more skills in photographing than I have.

Mushrooms then! Well, to make a long story short. I needed a page icon, the small icon in the web browser flagging the specific homepage, and mushrooms fascinated me since long. The various designs, colors and shapes and I usually pick mushroom in the autumn when hiking or walking in the woods.

From start I didn’t like to eat mushrooms and refused picking them even though I was good in spotting them, better than my parents. So in the end my parents made me a deal ’if you find them you don’t need to eat them’. And it became like a treasure hunt. Growing older I started to also like eating them and became fascinated by how different they can look, totally adopted to the environment and comes in various colors, shapes and sizes. Nowadays I pick them but also to some extent collect items with mushroom design but the items must have a secondary use like a T-shirt, towels, salt seller.

Below some images to show what I mean.